Damask set challenge

1:07 AM

*EDIT*: As the stamps didn't turn out as nice as they should, I changed the card once again before giving it away :-) I like this version much better now with some pink and just a plain white background (see above)!

Here's a new birthday card I made for a friend based on a color combo used on the "Sweet Baby Girl" Card by the super talented Dawn McVey. It's also my contribution for Dawn's Damask Set challenge :-) The original colors were melon berry, pixie pink, vintage cream and a little black.
This card was a real challenge for me: First, I could use my new October Afternoon stamps - but they didn't turned out too well as you can see... Then, I had a try on my first handmade paper flowers. The idea for the flowers is from Anja Noack, a tutorial can be found here. And not enough for the flower making, I put my hands on a sewing machine, the first time since around... hmm,... ten years? It was a lot of fun putting the card toghether!

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  1. Cool! Those paper flowers totally rock.

  2. Cute paper flowers! You and I used the same color inspiration and also made paper flowers on our cards! Do all Dana's think alike? :) Beautiful card.

  3. Those pink flowers are beautiful. I'll have to try black and white flowers, too.

  4. lovely card. Thanks for letting me know about my prize. I did email them a couple of days ago


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