Cherry on top

6:34 PM

I had a fabulous Friday with a lot of sunshine (70°F) and a night out with my best friend for dinner and cocktails at our favorite Cuban restaurant. I haven't met him a couple of weeks and we were just chatting and having fun. During the whole day, I was eager to finish work as early as possible and I didn't let myself have even the littlest peek into blogging and scrapping world to not be a minute late... I was so excited when I visited Dawn's blog this very morning and saw I made it to the top twelve of her color challenge!!

I'm a *little* bit proud of myself :o) This is the cherry on top of a wonderful spring weekend.

Thanks everyone who stopped by and complimented on my card! Dana

P.S.: Hope your weekend is as sunny as mine :)

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2 comment(s)

  1. Hey Dana! Loved your deer card! You're from Germany, too? Many greetings from Heidelberg

  2. Ha wie cool! Da bin ich ja gar nich so weit weg von Aschebäsch ;) Ja ich hab noch mehr coole Südafrika-Bilder, die werden nach und nach gepostet! Wie lange bist du denn schon den paper crafts verfallen? Welche "Anlaufstellen" hast du schon ausfindig gemacht dafür?
    Glg aus dem heißen Heidelberg - Nina


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