Life's simple pleasures

5:05 PM

Hmm,... I'm sitting here with my laptop and a yummy strawberry tart, the sun is shining bright and... I have a little project to share! What else could you wish for on a holiday? :-)

So, now on to the project. My old lanyard severed this week. That's not too bad! It was just one of those promotional gifts, nothing fancy schmancy. However, after all the recycling on my cards last week, I thought I should use the old snap hook and some ribbon to create a DIY lanyard. Here's the finished key strap:

This one's only a third of the length of a common lanyard, but you can cut the ribbon just any size you like. I will test it for a few weeks as I'm not the best of all sewers. If the sewing resists my daily use, I can imagine to make more of them using my wonderful PTI ribbon and turn them into little gifts for friends and family. Feel inspired? I would love to see yours!

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