Birthday Project, Pt. 2

7:32 PM

Here's the second part of my birthday project for my BFF's future husband. It made him totally laugh when he saw it.

Some weeks ago, he prepared a summer punch for a BBQ, but instead of adding rum as supposed, he took homemade cinnamon liqueur. No wonder it tasted somewhat strange... LOL We had a good laugh at Andreas' expenses :) So, as he didn't wish for something else, I decided to design a label for his own brand of cinnamon liqueur and put it on a good bottle of rum:
For the finishing detail, I retraced the words "Cinnamon Liqueur" and the monogrammed label with my Sakura glaze pen (transparent). In case you would like to know, the fonts is Carpenter Script.

Digital Brushes: B. Silvia
Paper: Rossi Notepaper
Other: Sakura glaze pen, glue

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