Customer Service... really?

11:32 PM

Today, I got a phone call. It was my health insurance company. Customer Service. After some blabla and telling me what kind of new service homepage they have on offer...

CS: Is there anything we can do for you?
Me: Actually, yes. You send me your xxx customer magazine. I don't read it. I don't need it. Please could you arange for an unsubscription?
CS: No, I'm sorry.
Me: Umh,... why not? This is a customer service line, right?
CS: That's because we cannot be 100 % sure that the person on the phone really is our customer.
Me: You mean, you cannot ensure that I am me?
CS: Yes, exactly.
Me: Okay, how can I unsubscribe - to a magazine I never subscribed actually?
CS: You need to call your personal agent in this matter.
Me: So, can you give me his or her name and contact details, please?
CS: No, I'm afraid but I am not allowed to do that.
Me: Umh... what?
CS: Yes, I cannot provide you with this information BUT I'll send you information about the new service pages to your mailing adresse which includes the persons contact details. Your mailing address is xxx yyy zzz. Is that correct?
Me (only slightly annoyed, thinking about The Dilbert Principle): Why on earth are you telling me my personal address - when you are not sure that I am ME? Is that how you treat confidential customer data?
CS: Umh... hum... I know this is kind of hard to explain... One last question, madam. Would you say you are satisfied with our service?
Me: Huh?? Since the beginning of this phone call I started to worry about it...

... I know it is not easy to work in a call center with all of these company policies. I had to do such a job for some month during my time as a trainee... but honestly, is this what one calls a S-E-R-V-I-C-E line??? I'm much in doubt about it.

Sorry to kind of "spam" you with this... but I just had to let off some steam... Just an fyi, I will post some cards over the weekend, so stay tuned :-)

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