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Adler Contessa de Luxe travel typewriter

In one of my last posts, I used a typewriter for the card sentiment and Nina asked in the comments what kind/brand it is. I would love to say it's the one above but that's just not true. The ribbon of my lovely Adler Contessa De Luxe ran out of ink some loooong time ago... I usually use an electric machine from Brother since I'm not used to the huge typewriter keyboard layout and therefore make spelling mistakes quite often. I like that it offers to erase incorrect letters and words with just the push of a button but, on the con side, much of the vintage flair gets lost. Also, let's face it: a grey box with an equally grey keyboard on top doesn't make for a great photo ;-) 

How about you? Do you still have a typewriter at home and use it for your projects? In case you like the look but don't have one, don't worry! Someone has converted the characteristic Adler letters into a font

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3 comment(s)

  1. Haha, da isses!
    Naja, ein neues Band einzusetzen ist aber auch nicht so schwierig, falls du den Charme von hüpfenden Buchstaben mal brauchen solltest :))

  2. That's a gorgeous typewriter!!
    I have an old Olivetti one with ribbon, but I don't think it will last for much longer. So I try to treasure it as much as possible.:)

  3. Oh nein, so eine Schreibmaschine habe ich schon eeewig nicht mehr. Früher hatten wir so ein altes und leider auch hässliches Teil zu Hause, dann zog eine elektrische Maschine ein und auch die existiert wahrscheinlich schon nicht mehr. Aber schön nostalgisch ist die Schrift schon. Danke für den Link, Dana. :)

    Liebe Grüße, Tina


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