Easy Like Sunday Morning

3:13 PM

Hello dearies, how's it going? As for me, I feel a peace of mind today. The ugliest part of term tests is over for the time being, I survived the past week without a functioning kitchen (got new floor tiles), backed up my files for the first time in a year and update the OS, got my ScrapARTsize articles and projects for autumn done (though, amidst the chaos of having the kitchen furniture etc. scattered all over the house, I may or may not had sent some article notes away in a return package to an online retailer...!!) and worked on switching the blog to a new address (hint, hint!)...

ScrapARTzine Summer 2012

So, my plan for today covers just very easy-going things, like reading a bit in the current issue of SAZ which I've barely skimmed so far, having a few scoops of vanilla ice cream in the sun and taking a tour around blog land and leaving you all some long overdue comment love :)

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2 comment(s)

  1. great to hear you're doing well :)
    Thanks for the blog love!!

  2. Ohne Küche ist es schon gar nicht so leicht auszukommen, oder? Wenn ich an die zwei ersten in dieser Wohnung hier denke, die wir komplett ohne Küche zubringen mussten, puh... Aber die neuen Fliesen sind ja schließlich auch wichtig. :)
    Und es gibt eine neue Blogadresse? Ja, ich bin schon neugierig, Du hast es geschafft, hihi...

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Tina


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